Gutter Installation & Repair Services

Specialists in gutter installation in greater Montreal

Gutter Installation

Solid, efficient and above all durable system.

Gutter Protector Installation

Installation of T-Rex gutter guards from Alu-Rex

Soffits and Fascia Installation

When installing gutters, you have to think about the aesthetic aspect

Gutter Repair

Gutters need maintenance and repair in order to remain effective.

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Gutter Installation

It can be difficult to choose the ideal gutter model for your building. By entrusting the installation of your gutters to Gouttières Repentigny, you are sure to bet on a winning system that is solid, efficient and above all, durable. Our team of experts manufactures custom-made gutters on site, which can be seamless, with or without nails.

Keep water away from foundations

Maintain your landscaping

Clean dirt from your property

Gutter Repairs

Instead of throwing yourself into expensive work and changing your gutters, what if you had them repaired by a professional company? Like every element of a building, gutters must be maintained regularly to function properly and sustainably. Whether it’s repairing seals, straightening, replacing a section or just a portion of your gutters, to name but a few, we offer a full range of services.

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Gutter Protector Installation

Gouttières Repentigny can also install T-Rex gutter protectors from the Alu-Rex brand. You’ll get a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty on the strength of the continuous hook. The best coverage available on the market!

Protect your investement

Expert Installers

Soffits and Fascia Installation

En installant des gouttières, il faut penser à l’aspect esthétique, mais aussi à protéger la façade des avant-toits ainsi que les structures situées en dessous. Si vous souhaitez parfaire votre installation, comptez sur Gouttières Repentigny pour fabriquer et poser vos soffites et fascias. Ces deux éléments ajoutent résolument du cachet et de la valeur à votre bâtisse, qu’elle soit résidentielle, commerciale ou institutionnelle.

Better aesthetics

Integral part of the house

Protect the house