Gutter Protection and Installation in Repentigny and Montreal

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Gutter Protection Installation in Repentigny

Gouttières Repentigny can also install Alu-Rex T-Rex gutter protection. You will then take advantage of a lifetime manufacturer warranty on the continuous fastening system. The best coverage offered on the market !

The T-Rex continuous fastening system offers amazing advantages: It makes the gutter twice as solid. How ? The gutter is fixed on all of its length. Therefore, there are no weak points.

This system eliminates the risks of deformation caused by the weight of a ladder or by the pressure of ice in the winter. The T-Rex prevents snow from infiltrating. This way, the gutter will not expand. It can also receive and evacuate the most intense precipitations due to the Alu-Perf technology, tested independently by Intertek.


It’s not enough to simply install gutters and then you’re done! Your property is surrounded by trees? There was a sudden accumulation of snow or ice during the winter? You should think about cleaning the inside of your gutters to prevent them from getting stuck or breaking and causing further damage. We recommend maintaining your gutters between two to three times a year.

For example, remember to empty your gutters at least once during the fall, after the main fall of the leaves, once during the winter to avoid too much ice and snow accumulation, and then at least once in the spring when preparing your pitch for the hot season. In this way, you will avoid several problems related to your gutters: either they do not block, they crack or they fall from your roof.


It can be difficult to choose the right gutter model for your property, let alone install it yourself. However, by entrusting the installation of your gutters to Repentigny Gutters, you are assured to opt for a solid system, efficient and above all sustainable. Our team of experts has the know-how and the expertise to manufacture tailor-made gutters on site and tailored to your home. The installation of gutters can be carried out without joint, or with or without nail, depending on what is most suitable for your building. We will be able to offer you a free estimate, adapted to your property, your needs and your budget.

By investing in Gouttières Repentigny for the installation of your seamless gutters in Montreal, you can count on the peace of mind and durability of our products for decades to come. In addition to Montreal, we serve the cities of Repentigny, Mascouche, l’Assomption, Lachenaie, Terrebonne, Montreal East and Lorraine.